spETH Staking Guide

In this guide we'll explain everything about staking and unstaking spETH.

1. Staking

Follow this step-by-step guide to deposit ETH or LSTs with Spectrum and receive spETH.

  1. Visit the Spectrum Official Website: https://spectrum.kroma.network/.

  2. Connect your wallet.

  3. If you are connected to the Kroma network, remember to switch to the Ethereum Mainnet before staking.

  4. Click “Stake” on the top menu. Withdrawal takes 7 days to process. Please be mindful of this when staking your tokens. Do note that the execution cannot be revoked after the transaction goes through.

  5. Select an asset from the list. Currently, you can stake ETH, eETH, or stETH.

  • Spectrum is based on Ethereum network, if you have ETH on Kroma network, you can swap them to spETH by using iZiSwap or PrixmSwap.

  1. Enter the amount you wish to stake, check the amount, and click “Stake”.

  2. Review the “Terms of Use” and click “I agree”.

  3. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

  4. Transaction success! Click “Check My Points” to view your points.

  5. Click the arrow to view the details of your spETH.

2. Unstake & Withdrawal

If you wish to unstake, you will need to have at least 0.003 spETH in your balance.

Withdrawals take 7 days to process. This duration is for the validator checking if this transaction is valid or not, the mechanism of the L2 to L1 withdrawal process on the OPU (Optimism Rollup technology that Kroma adapted).

Do note that the execution cannot be revoked after the transaction goes through.

To unstake your funds, you'll need to send 4 transactions in total - 1 in L2, 3 in L1:

Spectrum withdrawal involves 4 steps: 1. On L2: Request for a withdrawal 2. On L1: Prove your withdrawal transaction Convert spETH to eETH Claim your asset

These steps are required for transactions on OP-stack-based L2.

Fee Information: The estimated fee on the Ethereum display might be lower than MetaMask suggests. This is because Metamask prevents transaction failures by overestimating the fee. The actual cost may be lower.

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