Spectrum is a staking service operating on Kroma, an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2). It is designed for users to stake ETH, stETH, and eETH, not only to earn staking yields but also to enjoy additional yields through restaking.

By staking their assets, users receive spETH, a tokenized proof of their staked assets. Kroma hosts various DeFi services where spETH can be used to generate additional income. Users can also enjoy a range of games launched on Kroma using their spETH.

Spectrum rewards users for their participation and contribution to the ecosystem with Kroma Spectrum Points (KSP). KSP can be earned by holding spETH or by engaging with spETH-integrated DeFi services and games on Kroma. KSP can later be exchanged to KRO, a forthcoming native token of Kroma.

Staking Service

Spectrum is designed to maximize earnings through staking. When users stake ETH or stETH, it is deposited into ether.fi and managed in the Spectrum Vault as eETH. This eETH in the Vault backs the spETH. In this process, spETH holders not only gain staking and restaking yields from eETH but also earn ether.fi pts, EigenLayer pts and Kroms Spectrum points.

Future updates will include the addition of other assets.

About spETH

spETH is a synthetic asset that represents restaked Ethereum. This asset maintains the liquidity of staked Ethereum while enabling users to explore the diverse ecosystem built around spETH on Kroma.

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