Wellxy Guide


Hold 0.05 spETH, and play Lucky Slot to earn KSP and Ore NFT without failure!

  • spETH presents you to explore Spectrum’s DApps further.

  • As you can see on this docs, points earned by using Wellxy add your ‘Event-based pt.'

  • Event-based Points are distributed every Tuesday at 00:00 UTC and can be viewed on My Page.


  • You can play Wellxy Lucky Slot up to 15 times per day.

  • You get a maximum 5 KSP per play (Able to earn a maximum 75 KSP per day).

  • Depending on the ranking, you can earn Kroma Ore NFT too.

    • Kroma Ore NFT is to synthesize ‘Pro Gamer Item’ in KCU (Kroma Crafting Universe), and this can be converted into $KRO in the future!

  • The ranking will be updated every 2 weeks (Tuesday, 09:00 AM UTC).

  • [TIP] If you have at least 0.05 spETH on your wallet, there is no failure!


  1. Click the Play Now button on the KROMA X WELLXY Slot Machine Game banner on the landing page.

  1. Connect the wallet of your KROMA account

  • Tip: make sure you have enough Ethereum on the KROMA chain to pay for gas fee!

  1. Click the SPIN NOW button, sign the transaction and see the result of the slot machine spin! You will immediately know how many KSP points you will receive for each game.

If you encounter any issues with using DApp, please ask for help on Discord!

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