KSP (Kroma Spectrum Point)

0. What is KSP?

Kroma Spectrum Points (KSP) are awarded based on contributions to the Spectrum (spETH) ecosystem. These points can later be exchanged for KRO tokens.

  1. Do I get KSP for SWAP transactions on Prixmswap or iZiSwap?

There is no KSP for the SWAP transaction itself. But if you hold spETH by SWAP, you get 'Hold pt.' Please check the docs over here about KSP calculation.

  1. How can I get 80 KSP points from PrixmSwap and iZiSwap?

You can get 80 points per day if you provide liquidity of 1 spETH/ETH on PrixmSwap and iZiSwap. So, if you provide liquidity of 0.5 spETH/ETH, you get 40 points per day.

  1. I am eligible for the External Dapp Weekly 20% KSP boost, but I cannot check it on the ‘My Page.’

External Dapp Weekly 20% KSP boost is written in the ‘External DApp Boost’ section on the ‘My Page.’ If it still shows 0%, please open the ticket for further help.

  1. Why my points are not calculated for using DApps?

Please ask for help on Discord.

  1. I already executed a transaction on Shoebill before it was activated on [Explore]-[Apps]. Can I get KSP?

Yes, KSP will be calculated retroactively.

  1. I did not get KSP from Shoebill DApp usage.

This is a known issue, of which the team is aware. The team is working on it with the Shoebill team, and it will be updated in 2 days. You may check your KSP calculation on Thursday. I think Thursday would be fine! And the KSP will be retroactively applied! No worries!


  1. How can I get HEXA Rewards? By just holding spETH?

HEXA rewards are for those who staked on Spectrum. Just holding spETH (by SWAP) cannot be eligible for all 6 rewards.

  1. How many days does it take for unstaking?

It takes 7 days to process. This duration is for the validator checking if this transaction is valid or not, the mechanism of the L2 to L1 withdrawal process on the OPU (Optimism Rollup technology that Kroma adapted). Do note that the execution cannot be revoked after the transaction goes through.

  1. I cannot connect my wallet to Spectrum. It does not recognize my Metamask.

Try using the Chrome browser, and if it doesn't work, try again after deactivating other wallets using the Chrome extension.

  1. What is the contract address for spETH L2?


  1. How much transaction fee does it require for unstaking?

If you wish to unstake, you will need to have at least 0.003 spETH in your balance.

  1. What is spETH?

spETH is a synthetic token created by combining existing Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs) such as eETH. Stake your assets to acquire spETH and unlock enhanced yield opportunities and exclusive KRO airdrops within the dynamic spETH ecosystem.

  1. What can you do with spETH?

spETH enables users to effectively utilize their staked assets across a wide range of DeFi protocols and DApps within the Kroma ecosystem, by using liquid restaking tokens as collateral.

  1. Can’t claim eETH?

If the user does not use the official website, there may be a case where spETH is insufficient in the Ethereum network (L1) to be able to claim. In this case, spETH must be secured from L1.

  1. Why I cannot see EitherFi point and Eigenlayer point on Spectrum?

Your EitherFi Loyalty points and Eigenlayer points are being distributed properly by staking on the Spectrum. Since we are in the process of integrating Spectrum API on both projects, it will be checked easily on Spectrum soon!

Referral Program

  1. Should I enter the referral code before staking? Can I enter later?

Yes, it does not matter.

  1. Can I generate a referral code by getting spETH from the SWAP transaction?

Yes, unless you have at least 0.001 spETH on your wallet, your referral code will be generated although you got it from the SWAP transaction.

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