Loyalty Points, EigenLayer Points

From now on, Spectrum users can check their accumulated Loyalty Points and EigenLayer Points by contributing to Spectrum. Users may check those on the 'My Page' in Spectrum as shown below.

If a user wants to check the accumulated amount by themselves, the user can do so through the developer tools on the website. This is the screenshot guide for checking points on the website.

This guide is based on using the Chrome browser. The points are displayed based on the API provided to, but the points checked by the user on the website may be out of sync with Spectrum's 'My Page' by more than an hour.

  1. Go to the website and click 'Stake'.

  1. Connect your wallet and click [Tools] - [devtools] (or, F12 key) in the Chrome browser's options menu.

  1. Click the [Network] - [Fetch/XHR] and type down 'portfolio.'

  2. Click [your wallet address] that appears on the screen. You can see accumulated EigenLayer Points and Loyalty Points here.

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