M-BTC Bridge Guide

This guide explains how to bridge M-BTC from Merlin Chain to Kroma.


1. Free Express

Free Express is a liquidity bridge based on atomic swaps that enables users to bridge their assets across various chains. Visit https://app.free.tech to bridge your M-BTC on Merlin Chain to Kroma.

2. Select Network

For swap, change the network settings in each drop-down box.

  • Select a token: M-BTC

  • From: Merlin

  • To: Kroma

3. Connect Wallet

  • Click the 'Connect Wallet' button on the page to connect your wallet.

  • Approve the Meson App to add the network to your wallet.

  • If your wallet connection is successful, your currently connected account address will be displayed.

4. Enter Swap Information

Enter the amount of the swap

After information input and confirmation, click the Swap Button to initiate the swap.

Approve your wallet

If you are swapping for the first time, you need to perform the Approve operation to grant the Meson smart contract access to the coins in your wallet.

Click the Approve button and sign with your wallet to complete this step.

5. Check Swap Summary

Please final confirm that the M-BTC amount you wish to swap is correct and then click the Confirm button.

6. Sign Your Transaction

You will be asked for two signatures during the swap process.

1st Signature: Request Swap

This process usually lasts 1-2 minutes.

2nd Signature: Release funds to the destination

This process usually takes 30 seconds to a minute.

Please refer to Meson Fi's docs for a more detailed explanation.

After the Swap is successful, users will find that the number of coins in the two wallets involved in the Swap changes, indicating that the Swap is successfully completed.

7. Check Swap Status and History

Click the wallet button in the upper right corner, and you can see the current Swap and the historical Swap records on the popup page.

8. Check out the Bridged M-BTC on Spectrum

You can check your M-BTC bridged to Kroma directly on Spectrum.

  1. Visit My Page of Spectrum and connect your wallet.

  2. You can check your M-BTC balance on the top area of My Page.

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