ZapankiSwap Guide


Play any game on ZapankiSwap with spETH, and get more KSP!

  • spETH presents you to explore Spectrum’s DApps further.

  • As you can see on this docs, points earned by using ZapankiSwap add your ‘Use ZapankiSwap’ on your ‘Event-based Point.’

  • Event-based Points are distributed every Tuesday at 00:00 UTC and can be viewed on My Page.


  • The KSP amount will be calculated in proportion to the user’s betting amount.

  • For example, when a user bets 0.1 ETH on ZapankiSwap, a user can get 8 KSP.

  • Before KSP gets updates on Spectrum, users can check the expected KSP on ZapankiSwap’s ‘My Profile’ page.

    • Expected KSP calculation on ZapankiSwap: Every Sunday.


  1. Connect your wallet on ZapankiSwap.

  1. Select game which you want to play.

  1. Input betting amount (in spETH) and play the game (Users can check results below the game play page).

  1. Check results and KSP earned by playing games.

    • ‘Check My KSP’ linked with Spectrum’s My KSP page.

    • The points on Spectrum will be updated in 2-3 days after users’ play.

If you encounter any issues with using DApp, please ask for help on Discord!

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