PrixmSwap Guide


Provide ETH/spETH liquidity in PrixmSwap and get KSP!

  • spETH presents you to explore Spectrum’s DApps further.

  • As you can see on this docs, points earned by using DApps add your ‘DeFi DApp pt’ on your ‘Daily Point.’

  • Daily Points are distributed daily at 00:00 UTC and can be viewed on My Page.


  • 80 KSP per 1spETH/1ETH per day.

  • Example: if you add liquidity with 0.5 spETH/ETH on Prixmswap, you will get an extra 40 KSP per day.


  1. Go To the Pools menu and find ETH/spETH Pools.

  • Click the “Deposit” menu to provide liquidity.

  1. Price range must be selected by either preset price range or custom. Price range is important since no trading fees will be earned if the price moves out of the selected range.

1) Slippage Percentage

  • If any adjustment for slippage is needed, click the slippage icon and adjust as needed

2) Choose one of the preset price range

  • Choose one of the price ranges you prefer

3) Enter the amount of each “ETH” and “spETH” token to provide liquidity into the pool. When the amount of any token is entered, the amount of the paired token will be automatically calculated

  1. Choose a custom price range

1) If you want to select a price range rather than “wide” or “narrow”, choose the “Custom” price range

  • Click the “Custom” tab to make your price range

2) Click and drag to make the range wider or narrower

3) Or you can just enter the price to Minimum and Max Price

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